Daikaiohshin is a Kaiohshin of the Seventh Universe.



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Ten millions years ago, Daikaiohshin, along with South Kaiohshin, fought against the Planet-Eater Moro in outer space. Moro fired comets at the two but the two dodged. Immediately, more comets were in their way but Daikaiohshin was able to use his magic to throw away his attack. Moro then drained the energy of a nearby planet, gaining more power during their battle. Daikaiohshin, with no other choice, used most of his god power to seal away Moro's magic, and after the battle, gave Moro to the Galactic Police for imprisonment.[1]

Daikaiohshin Absorbed by Boo

Daikaiohshin getting absorbed by Majin-Boo.

Five million years later, the Kaiohshins were attacked by Majin-Boo and Bibidi. After North Kaiohshin and West Kaiohshin were killed by the demon and South Kaiohshin was absorbed, Daikaiohshin protected Shin but was later absorbed by Boo.

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