Chapter 9 is titled "Gokou vs. Botamo".


Gokou and Botamo continued their match and Gokou realized that his attacked had no effect on him so he fired a Kamehameha at Botamo. After getting hit, Botamo recovered and landed inside the ring. Kame-Sennin stated that his stamina was not depleting and he was not taking any form of damage. Vegeta and Piccolo stated that Gokou was more powerful but he would lose because he would get worn out. Klilyn stated not to worry because Gokou has not gone Super Saiyan but Vegeta speculated if Gokou would be able to inflict damage on him. Gokou the realized what he could do so he pushed Botamo down and dragged him to the edge of the ring. Botamo attempted to attack Gokou while he was on the ground but was unsuccessful. Gokou then lets go of Botamo and threw him out of the ring. Gokou was then declared the winner of the match by the referee. Gokou then glanced at another warrior from Team Champa who was unattentive. Frost, another warrior from the Sixth Universe who is similar to Freeza, entered the ring. He politely greeted Gokou and wished for them to do their best. The match began so Frost rushed at Gokou and then they both to throw several attacks at each other.

Frost and Gokou delivered several attacks at each other and eventually, Gokou delivered and powerful blow to Frost and kicked him towards the ring. Gokou stated that he knew of Frost's plan to transform after getting to know his power. Surprised, Frost wondered how he knew of this and Gokou stated that he fought someone in his universe that was an image of him. Gokou continued saying that if he took him lightly, he would lose before showing off his true power. Frost then thanked Gokou for the advice and stated he would transform into his final form. After Frost, completed his transformation, Vegeta knew that Frost did not transform into his final form. Frost asked Gokou if he was able to defeat him in his universe but Gokou did not answer the question so Frost took it as a no and wished for him to be able to defeat him. Gokou and Frost proceeded with their match. Champa was excited that Frost had the edge and Vados stated that Frost was the strongest from their universe. Frost blasted Gokou, sending him flying toward the ring and demanded that he quit the match. Gokou then jumped up and told Frost that he was hiding another transformation and he also transformed into Super Saiyan. As Gokou charged at Frost as a Super Saiyan, Frost quickly transformed into his final form.

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