Chapter 3


A space ship, containing Bulma and an unknown character arrived. He was later known to Jaco and he was revealed to the group that he is a long-time friend of her family. While Bulma had to luck on getting in touch with Vegeta nor Goku, she has Jaco help the Dragon Team battle against the Freeza Army. While they were having a conversation, Sorbet orders the soldiers to attack them. Surprised, Sorbet notices that Freeza's soldiers were failing at taking the warriors on. However, Freeza is not. He notices Gohan who turned Super Saiyan, take out Shisami with one punch. On Beerus's planet, Whis is still training Goku and Vegeta. Yogen-Gyo arrives and tells Whis to check his messages, in which he received one from Bulma.

Back on Earth, Bulma receives a message from Goku and he needs Gohan, Tenshinhan, Kame-Sennin, and Kulilin to fully power-up so that he could each Earth using Teleportation from Beerus's planet. On arriving, Goku and Vegeta encounter Freeza briefly, and Freeza immediately transforms into his true form. Goku is the first to battle Freeza with Vegeta on the sidelines. Goku and Freeza charge at each other and begin fighting. During the fight, Goku has the upper hand with Freeza struggling to keep up. Goku fires a Kamehame Wave and Freeza is heavily damaged. Goku notices that Freeza is holding back his power and encourages to bring it out. Freeza begins showing off his new evolution.

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