Chapter 1


As Freeza is in Earth's Hell reminiscing about his defeat over Goku and Trunks, Sorbet is in outer space using his scouter to look a for Nameccian to use the Dragon Balls to revive Freeza. On Earth, Gohan and Videl are showing Pan off to Piccolo then it suddenly goes dark. Tenshinhan, Kulilin, and Chaoz also notices and wonders what Pilaf and his gang are up to.

Shenron was indeed summoned and the trio of the Pilaf Gang were there also with Sorbet and Tagoma. As Shenron was summoned, Sorbet shouts for Freeza to be revived but Shenron does not respond. Sorbet asks if he could make the wish, but Shenron says that his body was cut into pieces and it would be no point without his soul. Tagoma suggests they used the recovery chambers on the ship so Sorbet tells Shenron to revive him anyway. As Freeza was revived in pieces, they leave on their ship, while Gohan and Piccolo sense familiar energy and wonders what it was.

On the space ship, Freeza is being revived and is dreaming nightmares about his defeats. As he was Freeza was obliterated by Goku is his dream, he was infilled with rage and shattered the chamber and everyone's scouters except Tagoma's and Sorbet's. After being greeted by Sorbet, Tagoma, and his staff, he says that he must kill the Saiyans who defeated him before. Tagoma with a mere suggestion of ignoring those two, Freeza shoots a blast at him, and points out he, himself, has remained weak. After this incident, Sorbet tells Freeza that Goku has been strong enough to kill Majin Boo and they have no data afterwards. As Freeza hears this, he remembers that his father told him not to touch either Majin Boo or God of Destruction Beerus. As Freeza is not happy of this ordeal, he wonders what will happen if he trained to draw out his latent potential and goes off to train for four months.

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