Chaoz[5][6][7][8] is Tenshinhan's best friend.





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  • Dodonpa (どどん () Dodonpa?, literal meaning "Dodon Wave"):
  • Goodbye Ten-san (さよなら (テン) さん Sayonara Ten-san?):



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Resurrection 'F'Edit

File:Tenshinhan and Chaoz when the sky went dark.png

Six months after the encounter with God of Destruction Beerus, Chaoz was plowing his field with Tenshinhan when Shenron was summoned.[9]

God of Destruction Beerus ArcEdit

Sixth Universe ArcEdit


Baby ArcEdit

File:Tenshinhan and Chaoz in GT.png

When the Earth was about to explode due to the Dark Dragon Balls, Chaoz, along with Tenshinhan, was at Capsule Corporation before getting teleported to the New Planet Tsufru.[10]

Evil Dragons ArcEdit

When Gokou was leaving with Shenron after defeating the Iishinron, Chaoz and Tenshinhan saw them while training under a waterfall. As Tenshinhan was reflecting back, Chaoz was wept.[11]



  • Chaoz's name comes from the Japanese word "jiaozi", which is a Chinese dumpling.
  • Chaoz's hobby is watching movies.[1]
  • Chaoz's favorite food is tenshindon.[1]
  • Chaoz's favorite vehicle is the air scooter.[1]


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