God of Destruction Champa[4][5][6] is the God of Destruction of the Sixth Universe. He is the twin brother of Beerus. Champa is the master of Vados, the elder sister of Whis, who serves as his servant and martial arts teacher.[1][2]


Champa Artwork

Champa is an chubby, purple, humanoid cat. He wears red pants with a red obi sash around his waist, golden wrist bands, and a golden earring on his right ear, a short stub tail, and brown boots.





Abilities and PowerEdit

Being a God of Destruction, Champa has overwhelming power. He and Beerus in a battle would cause universes to be destroyed so they do not fight each other.[3] However, according to Vados, Champa is weaker than Beerus because of their body types.[1]


Game-Only TechniquesEdit

  • God of Destruction no Seisai ( () (かい) (しん) の制裁 Hakaishin no Seisai?, literal meaning "Destruction God's Sanction"):



Sometime in the past on his birthday, Champa fought with Beerus because Beerus ate the Puff-Puff Fruit on their birthday cake, though it was his birthday also. After destroying multiple planets during their battle, Champa and Beerus then expressed their disinterest in the universe as they prepared Hakaidama. However, the two were stopped by their attendants with chopped in the neck because they could have destroyed the universe. Whis suggested the two had food contests because of their confidence in their food, so the gods agreed.[3]

Some point afterwards, Champa ventured for decades throughout the Sixth and Seventh Universes for the Super Dragon Balls.[3]

God of Destruction Beerus ArcEdit

Distant in the universe, Champa sensed Beerus's energy when Beerus was battling Son Gokou on the North Kaioh's Planet and was furious. Although, since Beerus was in the midst of battle, he hypothesized he would not sense his and Vados's presence. While traveling through space, Champa asked Vados if Beerus sensed them but she stated that he was not and was headed someone else.[7]

Champa and Vados were discussing how the gods were unaware of the huge orbs existing and wish to move or they will be noticed. Suddenly, they noticed Roh-Kaiohshin and Kibito Kaiohshin watching them through a crystal ball. Moments later, the two appeared in the Kaiohshin World, and Champa greeted the Kaiohshin of the Seventh Universe. Champa was curious about how much they heard, but they denied hearing anything. Champa was suspicious but did not antagonize them so he and Vados left.[8]

At some point later, Champa and Vados appeared before Garana's ship, and Champa destroyed it. Vados stated if he continued his grand spectacles, Beerus would eventually notice. Champa decided to go home and noted the next time he visited, he will bring Beerus a souvenir.[9]

Golden Freeza ArcEdit

Sixth Universe ArcEdit



Sometime later, Champa appeared on Beerus's Planet and greeted Whis. He then requested for Beerus, who was sleeping. Champa was then approached by Son Gokou and Vegeta and Goku commented on his appearance. However, Vados informed them he was the twin brother of Beerus and the Hakaishin of the Sixth Universe. Gokou then asked if he or Beerus was stronger, so Vados said you could tell by their appearance, which angered Champa. Moments later, Whis arrived with Beerus, so Champa challenged him to their usual food showdown. Champa gave Beerus and Whis a boiled Don-Don bird egg. After Beerus ate the egg, Champa tasted the ramen and enjoyed it. He then asked Beerus where he received the ramen and he was informed Earth.[1]

Champa immediately ordered Vados to locate the Earth in their universe. Shortly after, Vados located the planet and informed them the planet's humans were extinct due to a civil war, shocking Champa. Champa then challenged Beerus to a tournament with five warriors from their universe in exchange for Earths.[1] Champa then informed Beerus he searched for decades looking for wish orbs and possessed six of the seven, and he would give them up if he won the tournament. Gokou asked if he was referring to the Dragon Balls, shocking Champa and Vados. Champa then informed them the Dragon Balls from the Nameccians were shaved pieces from the Super Dragon Balls, Dragon Balls the size of planets. After Beerus accepted the challenge, the rules for the tournament was going to be the same as the Tenkaichi-Budoukai and will have a written exam, and it would happen on the Nameless Planet in five Earth days. As Champa and Vados were departing, Vados asked if he wanted the tournament to happen, and Champa said the movements of Gokou and Vegeta were sluggish and he was confident.[3]

Later on the Nameless Planet, Champa was ordering Vados on how to decorate the planet for the tournament. Vados asked Champa if he decided on his five entrants for the tournament, so Champa said he would have Saiyans because Beerus had two.[3]

"Future" Trunks ArcEdit

Universe Survival ArcEdit

Champa was accompanied by Vados and the Fuwa for the Zen Exhibition Match in Zenoh's Palace. After the Seventh Universe arrived, Gokou greeted Champa, but Champa did not respond. After Daishinkan appeared and informed the Gods of Destruction, Kaiohshin, and Angels of the Tournament of Power, the Zen Exhibition Match began with Boo and Basil from the Ninth Universe.[10]

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Major BattlesEdit

  • Champa vs. Beerus (Space) (Manga only)
  • Champa vs. Beerus (Beerus's Palace) (Anime only)


  • Champa's name comes from the alcoholic beverage, champagne. This fits into the theme of the Gods of Destruction being named after alcoholic beverages.
  • Champa's degree of danger is 9 stars.[11]


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