Bulma was the Bulma of Trunks's world. She was the mother of Trunks.





Son GokouEdit





The Pilaf Gang crawling away

Bulma with Gohan while the Pilaf Gang were crawling away.

On May 12, Age 767, Bulma, along with Trunks, used an aircraft to find Gohan to search for the Dragon Balls while the Dragon Team fought the androids. In the aircraft, Gohan used the Dragon Radar and noticed all of the Dragon Balls were in one location so they went there to investigate. Upon arriving there, the Dragon Balls were used and became inactive due to Piccolo's death. Gohan then began to scream in sorrow for his master.[2]

Trunks the Story - The Lone WarriorEdit

Sometime later in a lab, Bulma was working on the time machine when Trunks returned home and stated the battery for the time machine was finished. She said it would work, but she was unable to test it in the eight-month charge up and she could have built a better one if the lab was not destroyed. Trunks asked if it was necessary because he thought he was strong enough to defeat the androids but Bulma called him naive and stated he was about the same strength as Trunks when he died. Suddenly, a broadcast alerted and stated the androids were attacking 300 km south of the Western Capital. Bulma did not want Trunks to go but ignored her request.[3]

Five days later in a small hospital near the Western Capital, Trunks realized he was no match for the androids and Bulma said he was lucky like her. Trunks also said after he recovered, he would use the time machine. He asked if Gokou was strong, so Bulma said he was and gave them hope when things got bad. Trunks then wanted to see how his dad was like and Bulma warned him not to expect much. Sometime later, Bulma gave Trunks medicine and wished him luck before he left in the time machine.[3]

Resistance to Despair!! The Remaining Super-Warriors, Gohan and TrunksEdit

Cell ArcEdit


Resurrection 'F'Edit

Bulma writing

Bulma writing in a notebook.

Bulma was writing to her past-self, saying that everything is up to her.[4]

"Future" Trunks ArcEdit



Bulma was dusting off the solar panels when they got her.[5]


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