Bruits Waves (ブルーツ波 Burūtsu-ha?, FUNimation dub: "Blutz Waves", Viz "Green-spectrum radiation") is a special radiation emitted from large satellites such as the Moon, when they are full and reflect the light of their nearby star. Bruits Waves are measured in "zenos" per second (Z.P.S.) by the Saiyans. These radiation waves are always emitted from these planetary bodies, however, no matter how large the body is, it cannot exceed 17 million Z.P.S. unless the planetary body is full.

Bruits Waves are important to the Saiyan species, as, when a Saiyan absorbs 17 million Z.P.S. through their retinas, it reacts with a gland in their tail, and they transform into an Ohzaru.

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