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Broly[3] was the legendary Super Saiyan. He was the son of Paragus.[1]

Broly is the main antagonist in the movies, The Burning Battles and Dangerous Rivals.





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Broly was born on the same day as Kacarrot. In the Saiyan delivery room where he rested, Broly tried to sleep while Kacarrot continued to cry, causing Broly to have a grudge towards him. When King Vegeta heard of the baby boy's battle power, he feared the threat the boy posed to his empire, and so he gave the order for the infant's execution. Broly's father, Paragus, begged the king to spare the child's life, attesting that his son could be an extreme asset to King Vegeta and his son. However, King Vegeta was quick to point out that while this is true, the same is true that Broly could use his ever-increasing strength to overthrow the Saiyan royal family. King Vegeta also sentenced Paragus to death and shot him with a Kikouha. Broly was stabbed in the chest during this incident, and left was to die with his father.[1]

When Planet Vegeta was destroyed by Freeza, Broly created an Energy Barrier, shielding himself and his father. As Broly developed, it became clear to Paragus that King Vegeta was not unjustified in trying to kill him (though he may not have considered King Vegeta's point). Broly's behavior became more maniacal and erratic as he matured, due to his power and the traumatic events during his infancy. One such consequence of this was when Broly punched Paragus in the face and blinded him in the left eye.[1]

Fearing for his own safety but still unwilling to kill Broly, Paragus used a ring as a special control device to keep Broly under restraint. Paragus narrowly managed to survive adorning Broly with the ring; Broly's calmness vanished as soon as he noticed the crown that Paragus tried to place on his forehead. After successfully doing so, Paragus launched a plan to use Earth as a base of operations for universal domination and to take revenge on Vegeta by luring him to a planet doomed to be destroyed by a giant comet. During this time, he also used Broly to destroy the remaining planets in the South Area, such being the main cause of the realization of disturbance in the universe from the North Kaioh.[1]

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  • Broly vs. Dragon Team
  • Broly vs. Videl, Son Goten, Trunks, Son Gohan, and Son Gokou



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