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Broly[1][2][3][4] is Saiyan who was exiled as a child from Planet Vegeta to a remote planet. He is the son of Paragus.

Broly is the main antagonist of Dragon Ball Super: Broly.






Abilities and PowerEdit

Battle PowerEdit

Broly when first sent to Planetoid Vampa as a child, he had a battle power of 920.[5]




Broly first transformed into Ohzaru when he was sent to Planetoid Vampa.[5]

Furious StateEdit

Broly Fury

Broly in Furious State.

Furious State ( (いか) りの状態 (じょうたい) Ikari no Jōtai?) or Broly (Fury) (ブロリー ( (いか) り) Burorī (Ikari)?) is Broly becoming furious, but he is harnessing the power of Ohzaru in his human body though hard to control[5]. In this form, his hair stands as he were to transform into Super Saiyan but retains the black color and his irises become golden. Furious Broly is able to take on Super Saiyan God Son Goku and Super Saiyan God Vegeta in battle.

Super SaiyanEdit

Broly in Super Saiyan transforms his body to gain standing spiky, golden hair, no pupils, lighter skin tone, and a more burly body. In this form, Broly's power is tremendously increased, able to take on Super Saiyan Blue Gokou and Super Saiyan Blue Vegeta in battle.

In this form, Broly is known as "Chou Broly" ( (ちょう) ブロリー Chō Burorī?)

Full PowerEdit
Super Saiyan Broly Fullpower

Super Saiyan Broly (Full Power)

While using his full power, Broly's hair changes to lime green and his body becomes more burly than his normal Super Saiyan form. His skin tone also becomes lighter than he tanned tone. Broly using his full power is on insane scale, completely intimidating Goku and Vegeta in their ultimate Saiyan form.



In Age 734, Broly was sent to Planetoid Vampa. On the planet, he was attacked by the creatures native there but was able to kill them with his Ohzaru transformation. He was later found by his father Paragus and Beets.[5]

Dragon Ball Super: BrolyEdit

Major BattlesEdit



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