Bergamo the Crusher is a warrior from the Ninth Universe.[2] He is the eldest brother of the Trio de Dangers.[4]


Bergamo Artwork

Bergamo Artwork

Bergamo is a muscular humanoid-wolf with a blue coating and a long and bushy tail. He wears a long red scarf, black arm bracelets, tape around his forearm, dark brown pants with a black belt, and long, brown boots with several dark straps.


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Bergamo appeared in the Zenoh's Palace for the Zen Exhibition Match with his brothers of the Trio de Dangers God of Destruction Sidra, Kaiohshin Roh, and Guide Angel Mojito. After the Seventh Universe arrived, Daishinkan relocated the two groups into another area of the palace. After the Great Priest informed the Gods of Destruction, Kaiohshins, and Guide Angels of the Tournament of Power, the Ninth Universe's Basil was the first to face off against the Seventh Universe's Majin-Boo.[6] After Basil lost to Boo, Bergamo was disappointed in his younger brother. His older brother, Lavender, was chosen to face off against Son Gohan, and he was fascinated hearing killing was allowed.[7]

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  • Bergamo's name is a pun on a common name for the Monarda flower of the Lamiaceae family, bergamot.


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