God of Destruction Belmod is the God of Destruction of the Eleventh Universe.[1][2]


Vermoud Artwork

Belmod Artwork

Belmod is a pale man with puffy red hair on the side of his head, blue markings over his eyes, a red nose, and red lips. He wears God of Destruction attire with a circle and diamond symbols and golden jewelry his arms. He also wears red and blue pants with a purple obi sash.



Belmod does not abide evil and the valiant efforts of the Pride Troopers send his heart aflutter.[2]

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11th Universe Gods and Toppo

Belmod with Kai, Markarita, and Toppo.

Belmod was accompanied by Angel Markarita, Kaiohshin Kai, and Kai's bodyguard, Toppo, in the Zenoh's Palace for the Zen Exhibition Match. After Daishinkan informed the Gods of Destruction, Kaiohshins, and Angels of the Tournament of Power, the Zen Exhibition Match began with three warriors from the Seventh Universe and the Ninth Universe. In the first match between Majin-Boo and Basil of the Trio de Dangers,[4]

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  • Belmod’s name is presumably a pun on vermouth.


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