God of Destruction Beerus[3][4][5] is the God of Destruction of the Seventh Universe. He is the master of Whis, his martial arts teacher and servant.[1] He is the twin brother of the God of Destruction of the Sixth Universe, Champa.[6][7]


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  • Bukuujutsu ( () (くう) (じゅつ) ? literal meaning "Dance in the Sky Technique"):
  • Dragon Smash (ドラゴンスマッシュ Doragon Sumasshu?):
  • Beerus-Dama (ビルス (だま) Birusu Dama?, literal meaning "Beerus Ball"):
  • Hakai ( () (かい) Hakai?, literal meaning "Destruction"):

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  • God of Destruction no Ikari ( () (かい) (しん) 怒り (いかり) Hakaishin no Ikari?, literal meaning "Destruction God's Wrath"):



At some point, Beerus, the other Gods of Destruction, and the Kaiohshins gathered for a coordination meeting. During the meeting, in a disagreement over some trifling thing, Beerus became angry and sealed Roh-Kaiohshin in the Z Sword because he was afraid of his abilities.[8][9] Sometime on his birthday, Beerus was battling against Champa because Beerus ate the Puff-Puff Fruit on their birthday cake. After destroying multiple planets during their match, Champa and Beerus expressed their disinterest in the universe as they prepared Destruction Balls. However, the two were stopped by their attendants with chopped in the neck because they could have destroyed the universe. Whis suggested the two had food contests because of their confidence in their food, so the gods agreed.[2] Sometime later in Age 451, Beerus visited North Kaioh's Planet, and the two played a game (car racing video game[10] or hide-and-seek[11]). Because Beerus lost (did not like Kaioh's food)[12], the peeved god then destroyed the planet.[11][10][12]

Beerus Using King Vegeta as a Footstool

Beerus using King Vegeta as a footstool.

Sometime later, Beerus visited Planet Vegeta and was presented a feast by King Vegeta in the throne room of the palace.[11][13][14] During his feast, Beerus used King Vegeta as a footstool.[11] Beerus later attacked the king because he ordered for King Vegeta to give him the most comfortable pillow in the universe but was given the second most comfortable pillow and kept the most comfortable for himself (in the anime)[14] or causing a big commotion (in the manga).[13] Prince Vegeta appeared and tried to help his father, but Beerus paralyzed him.[14] In Age 739, before Beerus went to sleep, Yogengyo prophesized that in 39 years, an arch-rival for him would appear.[11]

Gods of the Universe ArcEdit

Beerus was trying to get his three years worth of sleep. However, Gokou and Vegeta's training with Whis was very noisy and it made it difficult for him to do so. Beerus walked toward where they were training wondering what the noise was and when he sneezes, he fires a Kikouha toward Gokou and Vegeta's direction, but it misses blowing up a planet near his temple. Beerus goes to a tree and hangs from it to sleep. After listening for a while, Beerus noticed Gokou and Vegeta talking with Whis and wonders why and how they are on his planet. Gokou told Beerus that Whis brought them to his temple to train because he could not sense their energy. Beerus was curious and questions Gokou of the importance of him getting stronger, hoping to overthrow him as a God of Destruction. Beerus asked Whis what food he was offered the time of visiting Earth he was introduced to pizza. He listened to Whis's words carefully and picks up that Gokou and Vegeta have been to his planet several times before.[15]

Later, Beerus was watching Whis, Vegeta, and Gokou train while eating pizza. He interrupted their training asks Whis a substance on his pizza, which was cheese. Beerus was asked by Gokou to not interrupt their training, but Beerus threatened to blow up the Earth. As soon as Yogengyo arrived and told Whis to check his messages, Beerus and Whis see Bulma with an ice cream sundae and are interested in eating it. After hearing from Bulma about Freeza, only Beerus remains interested in the sundae.[15]

A while later, Beerus and Whis arrived on Earth and were ready to eat the ice cream sundae Bulma had prepared but was agitated by Bulma's response at the moment. Beerus threatened Bulma by holding out a Kikouha for Bulma to get the sundae. Beerus and Whis ate their sundae and watched Super Saiyan God Super Saiyan Gokou and Golden Freeza battle. During the fight, Beerus's presence was seen by Freeza and he got concerned of Beerus there. Beerus states that as a god, he would not interfere with their battle. Beerus said to Bulma that if the Earth starts to come to an end, everyone should stay by him. After Freeza blew up the Earth, Whis shielded Beerus, Bulma, Gokou, Gohan, Jaco, Tenshinhan, Piccolo, Klilyn, and Kame-Sennin. Beerus told Gokou that he made a foolish mistake playing with Freeza and that he should send Freeza back to Hell. Whis used his Do-over ability for Gokou to kill Freeza. Beerus found it ironic that a God of Destruction revived a planet back from destruction.[15]

God of Destruction Beerus ArcEdit


Thirty-nine years later, Beerus, accompanied by his attendant Whis, was on a planet of hug-like humanoids for a banquet. After inspecting the food, he tasted the a la planetaise and thought it was tasted but it had too much fat content, so the god destroyed half of the planet.[16]


After 39 years of sleep, Beerus was on a planet in the universe and was being offered food. After eating the food a race of centipede humans presented him, Beerus found it delicious but noticed poison was in the food. The leader of the race offered to give Beerus vegetable vicotto soup, but Beerus stated he decided to destroy the planet. After destroying the planet, Whis stated Beerus destroyed the planet as he planned, and Beerus did it because he could not let them live forever. He then stated he remember he had a dream about someone. Beerus continued saying it was an ultimate warrior would be able to entertain him known as the Super Saiyan God but he was unsure of the name so he and Whis headed home so he could remember.[17]

Once he returned to his planet, Yogengyo stated the Super Saiyan God would appear that day, but Whis stated Beerus told Freeza to wipe out the Saiyans before. However, he found there were Saiyans on Earth, but the one who defeated Freeza was on the Kaioh of the North's Planet. When Beerus and Whis appeared on Kaioh's Planet, Beerus heard Son Gokou's challenge to fight him and accepted it. After Gokou transformed into a Super Saiyan, Gokou charged at Beerus and attacked him, but Beerus dodged his attacks. While Gokou was attacking him, Beerus commented on Saiyan hair being black, so Whis informed Beerus the Saiyans were able to become a Super Saiyan.[18]

Sometime later during their fight, Gokou transformed again into Super Saiyan 2. After a few attacks from Gokou, he decided to show the god his strongest form so he transformed again into Super Saiyan 3. Gokou attacked Beerus but he continued to dodge Gokou's attacks, even punching a hole through Kaioh's Planet. Gokou wanted for Beerus to perform counterattacks so Beerus vanished in front of Gokou and flicked him. Moments later, Beerus wanted Gokou to transform into Super Saiyan God but Gokou informed Beerus that Super Saiyan 3 was his final form. Beerus became disappointed so he vanished behind Gokou and chopped his neck, defeating the Saiyan. Beerus and Whis then left for Earth to check up on the other Saiyans.[18]

On Earth at cruise liner for Bulma's birthday party, Beerus got angry because Majin-Boo did not share pudding with him. After Beerus easily defeated Boo and Gohan, Super Saiyan 3 Gotenks attacked Beerus, but the god grabbed his wrist and tapped it before throwing hm overboard. Beerus recognized Vegeta before he was confronted by Bulma and she slapped him. However, Beerus retaliated, causing Vegeta to get angry and attack the God of Destruction. Beerus dodged Vegeta's punch and retaliated but the Saiyan continued to attack Beerus, finishing him off by firing a Kikouha at him. However, Beerus was uninjured and decided to destroy the planet because he was not the Super Saiyan God, but Gokou appeared with Shunkanidou and requested for him to wait.[19]

Gokou told Bulma to prepare the Dragon Balls so he could find out about the Super Saiyan God. Shenron revealed the Saiyan god was created with six righteous Saiyans. However, five Saiyans were present on Earth, but Videl revealed her pregnancy, so the ritual for the Super Saiyan God was performed and Gokou became the Super Saiyan God. Gokou was ready to begin his battle with Beerus, but the god said there was no one in the universe capable of defeating the God of Destruction and he would destroy Earth when he won. Gokou then attacked Beerus but he blocked it. He asked Gokou what it was like being a god and the latter said it was a new world and said it was surprising. Beerus agreed before attacking Gokou and chased after him. The two flew into the Western Capital and delivered several blows at each other before flying into a rocky terrain. Beerus said to Gokou he was getting used to his God powers and said he would not be able to defeat him, but the latter said he was just getting started before the two clashed.[20]

Later, the two were in Earth's stratosphere and their power was causing shockwaves. Beerus prepared a Beerus-Dama because h felt it was the end but Gokou managed to destroy the blast with a Kamehameha. Shortly afterwards, said he was interesting and wanted to save Earth's destruction for another time. Before departing, he informed Gokou there were 12 universes and he was the God of Destruction of the Seventh Universe and Whis was his teacher, meaning he was stronger.[20] Shortly after, Beerus returned to Gokou and told him he was the second strongest warrior he has fought before departing again.[21]

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Sixth Universe ArcEdit



Sometime later, Beerus was asleep when his brother, God of Destruction of the Sixth Universe, Champa, arrived on his planet for their usual food showdown. Beerus wondered what Champa brought, so he said it was a boiled Don-Don bird egg. After Beerus ate the egg, he rushed Champa to eat the ramen. After he ate the ramen, he asked where he got the food, so Beerus told him Earth. Champa immediately ordered his attendant, Vados, to look for the Earth in their universe. After she found it, she informed them the Earthlings were extinct due to a civil war. Beerus was amused hearing this and mocked his brother. Champa then challenged Beerus to a tournament with five warriors from their universes in exchange of Earths.[22]

Afterwards, Beerus wondered what he got out of the tournament and how he would switch the Earths. Champa explained he searched for decades for wishing planets known as Super Dragon Balls and he possessed six of them out of seven. Beerus thought the six Super Dragon Balls were useless because one was missing, but Gokou said Bulma could find it in an instant with her radar and begged him for the tournament, so Beerus then accepted. The rules for the competition were made to be the same as the Tenkaichi Budoukai on Earth and Vegeta suggested a written exam so no minds monsters would enter. Shortly after, Champa and Vados left Beerus's planet.[23]

Gokou then asked Beerus who he would pick for the entrants but the god asked for suggestions. Gokou chose Boo and Piccolo to participate, so Beerus picked the final contestant to be the strongest warrior he fought from his long history of battles. Before Whis took Gokou and Vegeta back to Earth, he told them to come out on top against the Sixth Universe but Gokou said nothing would change. However, Beerus angrily said he would destroy them if he thought they were slacking.[23]

Five days later on the day of the competition, Beerus and the Dragon Team where in a cube and he was informed by Bulma there were seven Super Dragon Balls distributed throughout the Sixth and Seventh Universes, and Berus was angry Champa infiltrated his universe. The strongest warrior Beerus fought was known to be Monaka. The gang then played Shiritori before reaching the Nameless Planet two hours and 15 minutes later where the competition was held. During the ride, Gokou punched Monaka, which shocked Beerus. After arriving on the planet, Beerus confronted Champa about sneaking into his universe and stealing the Super Dragon Balls but forgave him because they were brothers.[24]

The written exam was then held to participate in the competition. Ten minutes later, the only entrant to fail was Boo, and Gokou said he almost which angered Beerus. As Gokou, Vegeta, and Piccolo were playing rock-paper-scissors to place theirselves, Beerus said Monaka was last because he was the strongest. The competition then began with Gokou and Team Champa's Botamo. During their match, Gokou was continuously dodging Bottom's attacks and when the Saiyan landed near Beerus, the god asked what was wrong with him, so Gokou said he ate too much and needed to work it off.[25]

As the match continued, Beerus was angered due to Gokou not being able to damage Botamo. However, he was shocked when Gokou pushed Botamo down to throw him off the stage but was impressed with the result. As Gokou was fighting his next opponent, Frost, Whis said the two were playing their cards close, but Beerus wanted Gokou to hurry up to finish it.[26] Later, Beerus was shocked when Gokou lost to Frost due to a ring-out and also thought Frost was trouble. After Piccolo lost to Frost, Beerus became frustrated, but Jaco objected and claimed Frost was using a concealed weapon, and Beerus advised a search. Frost was then disqualified due to having a needle and Piccolo was declared the winner. However, Vegeta challenged Frost because he wanted to beat him.[27]

Before the next match with Vegeta and Frost, Beerus approached the referee and showed him the wound Gokou received from needle used by Frost, and Gokou was able to re-enter the competition and was placed after Vegeta due to Beerus's demand. After Vegeta easily defeated Frost, his next opponent was Otta Magetta. During their match, Gokou told Vegeta to toss him off the stage but Vegeta was unable to and was attacked by the Metalman. Beerus then got furious with Gokou because Metalmen weigh over 1000 tons. After Vegeta won by destroying the stage, Gokou wondered what happened so Whis explained that Metalmen were fragile and emotional beings and lose their will to fight when insulted, and Whis mocked Beerus for not knowing this.[28]

After Vegeta defeated Cabbe, a Saiyan from the Sixth Universe, Beerus thought Vegeta was cocky and said he should have ended the match quickly and moved on to the next opponent. During Vegeta's match with Hit, when he attacked the assassin, Hit managed to hit Vegeta, shocking Beerus and the others. After Vegeta was defeated, Whis realized Hit was able to manipulate time, so Beerus wanted Whis to tell Gokou a strategy to counter it. However, Whis thought finding a solution would be training, but Beerus was furious and said it would be over if he lost. Whis said they had the strongest warrior from the Seventh Universe, Monaka, but Beerus said he knew the truth of Monaka and Whis revealed him to be an amateur to keep Gokou and Vegeta on their toes.[29]

In Gokou's match with Hit, Beerus said Gokou as a Super Saiyan beat Hit in power but Hit had the upper hand due to using Tokitobashi. After Gokou transformed into Super Saiyan God, Hit was unable to use the Tokitobashi, so Beerus ordered Whis for an explanation, and he said Gokou closed the gap in power between the two and surpassed the difference in power and the technique works with the maximum efficiency on those equal in power or less than the user's battle power. Beerus wondered why Vegeta was not able to overcome the technique while in Super Saiyan Blue, so Whis explained Vegeta was unable to exert a tenth of his power because the form is not a transformation to can not be done in succession due to amount of stamina it consumes, so Beerus realized Gokou's God form was stronger than Vegeta's Blue form from back then. Hit then unleashed his full power, shocking Beerus because he was holding back.[30]

Beerus was shocked after Gokou transformed into Super Saiyan Blue and fired a Kamehameha at Hit and destroyed the dome around the arena. He was later shocked after Gokou jumped off the stage because he wanted to fight Hit another time to see his killer techniques. Beerus wondered if Gokou knew what he was doing, so Gokou replied he wanted the see Monaka fight and go all out, making Beerus furious. Before the match with Monaka and Hit began, Beerus was anxious but was excited after Hit flew off the stage, resulting in Team Beerus's victory. Shortly after, Beerus noticed the Zenoh, the king of all 12 universes, and warned Champa of his presence. After the gods bowed to Zenoh, Zenoh said he decided to attend the event to make sure nothing terrible happened so Beerus and Champa apologized. However, he said he enjoyed the competition and wanted to hold another one with all of the universe, exciting Gokou. Beerus was in fright as Gokou addressed Zenoh and attempted to shake his hand. However, Beerus and the other gods were relieved after Zenoh left after shaking the Saiyan's hand, sealing the deal for another tournament. Beerus then told Gokou the Zenoh could wipe out the entire existence in an instant, shocking him.[30]

Afterwards, Beerus and the others found the final Super Dragon Ball, which was the Nameless Planet, with Bulma's radar and summoned Super Shenron. After Beerus's wish to revive the humans in the Sixth Universe was granted, Bulma asked what the wish was but Beerus said it was a secret. As the group approached Earth, Gokou wanted to fight Monaka, but Beerus continuously denied, saying he was the universe's treasured warrior.[30]

"Future" Trunks ArcEdit



Sometime later at Capsule Corporation, Beerus and Whis were eating while Gokou and Vegeta trained. After Bulma asked Whis about his Redo ability, Beerus wondered why she was stressing over it because humans did not have the ability to travel through time. A while later, after the ramen was done, Beerus, Whis, Gokou, and Vegeta ate it. Gokou wondered why Beerus was afraid of him, so Whis explained the Zenoh had the highest authority and Beerus mentioned he was not a fighter. Whis continued and said the Zenoh could erase anything in existence in an instant. He also said there were once 18 universes, but the Zenoh annihilated six because he got slightly agitated.[31] After some time, Beerus watched as Gokou and Vegeta sparred. Beerus told Gokou and Vegeta they still could not become Gods of Destruction, but Gokou expressed his disinterest in the job, calling it insane. In the midst of their sparring match, Vegeta punched Gokou in the direction of Beerus, but the god attacked Gokou for insulting the work of a God of Destruction.[32]

Suddenly, a vehicle appeared with someone inside, so Gokou went to fetch a Senzu. After he returned, Beerus and the others were at the gazebo as the man was given the Senzu. As Gokou, Vegeta, and Bulma wondered what happened to the man named Trunks, Beerus asked young Trunks if he named was Trunks, so Whis concluded they were meddling with time. Beerus then asked the adult Trunks if he was the young Trunks from the future and he confirmed he was. After Whis stated they informed Bulma manipulating time was a crime, Beerus stated he had the right to destroy her without any complaint. After Trunks informed everyone about his enemy, Gokou-Black, Gokou asked Trunks to spar with him. While they were sparring, Beerus wondered if they were using their Super Saiyan 2 form, so Whis confirmed but said Trunks had a slight advantage. After Gokou defeated Trunks, Beerus realized Gokou used his Super Saiyan God form. Gokou asked Beerus to tag along in their venture to the future but Beerus denied because he did not care for a parallel Earth and it is a serious offense. However, he wondered why their God of Destruction would let him run free. Whis asked Trunks what happened to the Kaiohshin in his world, so Trunks stated he died in their battle with Darbura, shocking Beerus. Gokou wondered if Beerus was fond of the Kaiohshin but Whis stated the Kaiohshin and God of Destruction were linked, meaning Beerus most likely died.[32]

In Capsule Corporation, Trunks explained what happened in his world when the Kaiohshin died and the arrival of Black. Whis clarified Beerus did not exist in Trunks's world, and Beerus said he seized the opportunity and traveled there. Whis stated there were a few know about the link of the Kaiohshin and Gods of Destruction and the highest rankings gods, meaning Black could be a god. Whis then stated he could have traveled through parallel timelines due to traveling to a world where Gokou and the God of Destruction do not exist, though Beerus thought it was absurd. Beerus then asked Trunks if he was sure the God of Destruction did not exist, so Trunks did not know but Gokou then introduced Trunks to Beerus and Whis. However, Bulma arrived and ended their discussion.[33]

Later at 6 p.m. in CC Restaurant, while eating soup, Beerus realized Black could begin his reign in their timeline Whis then suggested to ask the Kaiohshin if he knew anything, and Beerus wondered if it was to see if there was a god who might have turned to evil.[33] Later that night, Beerus was playing a video game with Gokou, Vegeta, Adult Trunks, Young Trunks, and the Pilaf Gang. Beerus became after losing to both Trunks and destroyed his third controller. He then told Whis they were heading home. The next day, Beerus and Whis were at Capsule Corporation watching Gokou meditate over a pond. An assistant of Capsule Corp. asked Beerus if he wanted a drink so Beerus demanded beer. Shin appeared and asked if he had a moment. Beerus then asked Shin if he was aware of any god that has extreme ideologies, further explained by Whis a god who feels the extinction of humans is a positive. After Shin thought about it, he suspected Kibito because he has said discriminatory comments in the past about humans but not extreme. Gokou does not think Kibito could be Gokou-Black because he is an image of him but Beerus speculated he could be transforming.[34]

Whis then received a transmission from Daishinkan. While Whis was talking to Daishinkan, Beerus drank his keg of beer the assistance brought him. After Whis was finished, he stated that the Zenoh requested to speak with Gokou, shocking Beerus. Gokou wanted to meet Zenoh later, but Beerus insisted he go then but Whis stated it would take two days to reach his palace. However, Shin stated he was able to use Kaikai to reach the planet. Beerus also insisted on Whis going because he did not want to see Zenoh. Beerus wanted for Gokou to behave and was furious Gokou was going to see Zenoh in informal clothing, but Whis said he would apologize. He then told him to not mention Black because he would destroy all existence if he got angry. Before they left, Beerus told Shin not to die not matter the situation.[34]

Beerus was in the stratosphere of Earth when Shin, Whis, and Gokou returned from Zenoh's Palace. After returning to Capsule Corporation, Beerus was displeased with the nickname Gokou gave the Zenoh. Whis then asked Gokou if he thought about a friend to give to Zenoh but he was not sure but asked Beerus. However, Beerus did not want to do it. Whis then asked Beerus to find the identity of Gokou-Black when Bulma arrived and said they had company. Upon seeing Kibito, Beerus became angry but Shin held back Beerus and wondered what he wanted. Kibito then informed them that a sage named Zuno messaged the Kaiohshin World and said Zamasu asked about the details of the Super Dragon Balls. Confused, Beerus asked who Zamasu was, so Shin stated he was a Kaioh of the Tenth Universe. Beerus wondered how he knew of the Dragon Balls, so Whis said he might have seen a video of the tournament that was uploaded on GodTube. Kibito continued and said he asked about Son Gokou and asked if it were possible to switch the bodies of a god and human, shocking everyone.[35]

Bulma and Trunks concluded Gokou in Trunks's world was dead for a long time, but Beerus stated he was a Kaiohshin and could Time Rings to travel to parallel worlds. Whis then asked if he wore Potara and then showed a Potara with a color only Kaiohshin could wear. Trunks then remembered Black wearing one Potara and he possessed the color the Kaiohshin wore, having Whis realize the Tenth Universe's Kaiohshin's life was in danger. Beerus decided to head to the Tenth Universe to destroy Zamasu. However, Shin was against it because it would create another world, but Beerus said they would die. Gokou wanted to join but Beerus and Whis denied because Zamasu was after his body and it was a problem for the gods. Beerus then told Shin what he needed to do for him before departing to the Tenth Universe.[35]

In the Tenth Universe's Kaiohshin World, after greeting Kaiohshin Gowasu, Whis and Beerus requested to see his apprentice, but Gowasu said he left in the morning, so Beerus decided to wait for him to return.[35] Sometime later, Zamasu appeared and he apologized he said he received an emergency summons from his North Kaioh successor. Beerus questioned Zamasu's visit with the sage, Zuno, and the latter responded saying watching the tournament with the 6th Universe piqued his interest. Moments later, Shin appeared and revealed he went to the future and witnessed Zamasu's evil deeds. However, Zamasu thought his deeds were righteous. Zamasu then created a Shinretsuzan and attacked Beerus. However, Beerus grabbed his wrist and performed the Hakai technique. Shin the requested the hurry to Earth because he had to inform Gokou of something.[36]

On Earth, Beerus asked Shin what he saw in the future, and the latter revealed Black was not alone and had the best of helpers.[36] In Capsule Corporation, Bulma said she tried to stop Gokou and the others before going into the future, but they did not listen. Shin then revealed Gokou-Black was Zamasu from their world and he went into the future to obtain Gokou's body and there was another Zamasu. He then stated Black used the Saiyans' special ability to get stronger due to Zamasu's healing abilities.[37] A while later, Beerus and the others were informed by Trunks when the time machine returned with Gokou and Vegeta. In Capsule Corp., Gokou said he would head back to the future after learning the Mafuuba but Bulma said it would take an entire day to refuel the time machine. After Bulma explained how time work with parallel worlds, as Shin rose from his seat, Beerus wondered what was wrong but Shin said he made a promise to Gowasu and was heading to the Tenth Universe to inform him of the situation. Beerus then said he could not go to the future because he destroyed the present Zamasu and felt they could handle the rest and he desired to sit around and eat food.[38]

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  • In accordance to the original concept for this character, Beerus's name is a pun on the German pronunciation for "virus". However, the series's original author, Akira Toriyama, thought his name is a pun on the alcoholic beverage, "beer", fitting the theme of the Gods of Destruction and Angels.
  • Beerus's degree of danger is 9 stars.[39]


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