(Major Battles)
(Major Battles)
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==Major Battles==
==Major Battles==
*Basil vs. [[Majin-Boo (Good)|Majin-Boo]]<ref name="WSJNo11U19"/>
*Basil vs. [[Majin-Boo (Good)|Majin-Boo]]<ref name="WSJNo11U19"/>
*Basil and Hit vs. Narirama
*Basil vs. Lilibeu
*Basil vs. Lilibeu
*Basil vs. Napapa
*Basil vs. Napapa

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Basil the Kicker is a warrior from the 9th Universe.[2] He is the youngest brother of the Trio de Dangers.[1]


Basil Artwork

Basil Artwork

Basil is a skinny humanoid-wolf with red coating and a long and bushy tail. He wears a torn, short black cape reaching his waist, black gloves, and red boots similar to Majin Boo's.


Abilities and Power


  • Sky Dance Technique (舞空術 Bukūjutsu?): Lavenda has been shown to perform the Sky Dance Technique.[3]
  • Shining Blaster (シャイニングブラスター Shainingu Burasutā?): Basil feet turn fiery before he fires several powerful kikoha at his opponent. Basil is first seen using this attack in his match with Majin Boo.[4]
  • Wolfgang Pressure (ヴォルフガングプレッシャー Vuorufugangu Puresshā?): While above his opponent, Basil fires a barrage of kikoha at his opponent like a comet. He is first seen using this attack in his match against Majin Boo.[4]


Universe Survival Arc

Major Battles

  • Basil vs. Majin-Boo[2]
  • Basil and Hit vs. Narirama
  • Basil vs. Lilibeu
  • Basil vs. Napapa


  • Basil's name is directly taken from a culinary herb from the Lamiaceae family, basil.


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