Babidi was the Babidi of the future Trunks's world. He was a sorcerer wanting to revive Majin-Boo.



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On Earth, Babidi was amused to see Shin and Kibito in an injured state and he encouraged Darbura as he fought Trunks. After Darbura pushed Trunks back by destroying his sword, Babidi stated Yakon and Puipui were used as decoys to lure them to Earth and he spent ten years collecting enough energy to resurrect Majin-Boo. Shin then charged at Babidi, but Babidi ordered Darbura to do something, attacking the Kaiohshin with Evil Impulse and moments later killing Kibito.[1]

Babidi was amused as he began to torture Shin, threatening to kill him. Trunks got angry and transformed into Super Saiyan 2. Trunks overwhelmed Darbura, forcing Darbura to be pushed back. Babidi questioned what was happening so Darbura explained his rage and anger gave him a boost in power but told him not to fear before getting hit by Trunks, causing him to fall on Babidi, killing him.[1]

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