Attendant of Zenoh[3][4] is the attendant of Zenoh.[5][6]






Sixth Universe ArcEdit


Zenoh's Attendants Anxious

The Attendants of Zenoh anxious when Gokou shakes hands with Zenoh.

After the conclusion of the Sixth Universe and Seventh Universe Gods of Destruction Selection Martial Arts Competition, Zenoh and the attendants appeared above the stage.[5] After the gods bowed before Zenoh, Zenoh mentioned hosting another tournament with all 12 universes because of his amusement watching theirs. This excited Son Gokou, and as he approached the Zenoh, the attendants shielded him, but Zenoh allowed Gokou to speak with him. When sealing the deal about the tournament by shaking hands and Gokou picked him up, the attendants were anxious but were relieved after nothing happened. Afterwards, when Zenoh wanted to go home, the attendants warped back.[7]


"Future" Trunks ArcEdit



When Gokou appeared in the Zenoh's Palace with Whis and Shin and Gokou wondered what he and Zenoh would do once they were friends, the attendants were agitated by Gokou's question. After Gokou gave Zenoh the nickname "Zenny", the attendants got frustrated. When Zenoh wanted to play with Gokou, but Gokou said he was busy and wanted to return later, the attendants were going to attack Gokou for being disrespectful, but Zenoh told them to silence or he would annihilate them, so the attendants apologized. Zenoh gave Gokou a button to summon him whenever, and then, Gokou left.[8]


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