God of Destruction Arack is the God of Destruction of the Fifth Universe.[1]


Arack is a thin humanoid with purple eyes, blue lips, and tall red hair. he wears yellow and gray God of Destruction attire.


Abilities and PowerEdit

Physical AbilitiesEdit


  • Bukuujutsu (舞空術 Bukūjutsu?): Arack has the ability to perform Bukuujutsu.[2]
  • Psychokinesis (サイコキネシス Saikokineshisu?): Arack has the ability to move objects with his mind. It is first seen after his spar with Iwen and Liquiir as they rebuild the fighting stage for the Tournament of Power.[2]

Game-Only TechniquesEdit


Universe Survival ArcEdit

Arack was accompanied by Angel Cukatail and Kaiohshin Ogma for the Zen Exhibition Match in the Zenoh's Palace. After Daishinkan informed the Gods of Destruction, Kaiohshin, and Angels of the Tournament of Power, the Zen Exhibition Match began with Majin-Boo from the Seventh Universe and Basil from the Ninth Universe.[4]

Other MediaEdit


Playable AppearancesEdit


  • Arack's name is a pun on arak, a distilled beverage from the Middle East. This name fits with the theme of the Gods of Destruction being named after alcoholic beverages.


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