Android No. 18 was the No. 18 of the future Trunks's world. She was the 18th creation of Dr. Gero and the twin sister of Android No.17.




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On May 12, Age 767, the Androids encountered the Dragon Team and killed them.[2]

Trunks the Story - The Lone WarriorEdit

Sometime later in the city, No.18 and Android No.17 were causing destruction. No.18 requested to go somewhere else because the people were gone and there should be people hiding to the north. However, No.17 declined because he would not have anything to play with. She then suggested using cars to run them over as she blasted a person behind her. Suddenly, No. 17 was attacked by Gohan. Gohan challenged No.17, but the latter was later killed.[3]

Three years later, the Androids attacked 300 km south of the Western Capital and were encountered by Trunks. The Androids defeated Trunks, but he managed to escape.[3]

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