Android No. 17 was the Android No. 17 of the future Trunks's world. He was the 17th creation of the scientist, Dr. Gero. He was the twin brother of Android No. 18.




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On May 12, Age 767, the Androids encountered the Dragon Team and killed them.[2]

Trunks the Story - The Lone WarriorEdit

Sometime later in the city, No. 17 and No. 18 were causing destruction. No. 18 requested to go somewhere else because the people were gone and said some should be hiding to the north. Moments later, No. 17 was kicked by Gohan. After getting back up, No. 17 was displeased by his favorite outfit getting destroyed. He was then impressed Gohan was able to escape their previous encounter a year ago after being beaten badly. Gohan said it was No. 17's turn to lose but No. 17 stated he did not use half of his strength in their last battle before attacking him. No. 17 later killed Gohan.[3]

Three years later, the Androids were attacking 300 km south of the Western Capital and were encountered by Trunks. The Androids easily defeated Trunks, but he was able to escape.[3]

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